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This event was a three day Global Conference for Exxon Mobil held at the JW Marriot in Houston. The look has a nice corporate feeling with LED lighting the banners on either side of the stage. There were lots of panel discussions with multiple mireless microphones (ten) all live at any moment. A night time dinner event in a secind room was a nice lighting project. There is a nice highlight video on the linked page.


It's nice to do high-end corporate events in large hotels such as the Hilton Americas. This one for The American Society of Mechanical Engineers ran like a broadcast show with a live announcer, presidential teleprompter system and a beautiful hard set with nice lighting.


Helping a Hero raises money to build houses for our Wounded Warriors. So it makes sense that when they do an event some of the biggest celebrities will want to get involved. This event held at Bayou City Event Center and produced by Elias Event wasa showcase for many in the industry. But more important it raised money for a great cause.


This was a beautiful Super Bowl party at River Oaks Country Club in Houston. The client wanted to turn a ballroom into a sports bar with great views of the big game in all directions. We integrated the built-in projection screens with a number of HD panels across the back of the room and next to the bar in the center of the room.


The Awty Gala grows each year thanks to a great planning committee and teams of volunteers under the school's watchful eye. I gotta say that my daughter goes to school here and my wife was on the committee so how could I resist the opportunity to do a James Bond themed Gala? This event met all expectations in creativity, quality of execution and the ambitious financial goal was exceeded. What can I say, my daughter gets to return for her Senior year.


The Shell Innovation Summit brought together leaders from around the world who work on solving the "BIG" problems such as Air, Water, Food, and Energy and how to meet our needs for the next century. Technology was a big part of the conference. A special app was created for ipads that had all the schedule on it as well as an app to do audiene polling live during the sessions. We streamed live video throughout Shell's network. The enclosed photos and videos are just a portion of this large scale event that we were proud to be a part of.


This was a two day event for the Communication Managers for Shell that was held at the Museum of Fine Arts. There were lots of presentations but one new twist was the premiere of video commercials that the teams created with cheap video cameras in a 45 minute session. They handed them to us and with a little over an hour time we transfered the videos and built them into a show that resembled a Hollywood premiere. No pressure on this one. That's what we do.


This was a 15 year Aniversary party for Sonongpol, the Angolan oil Company produced by Elias Events. Our task was to light up the lobby with lots of color and produce a laser show with graphics celebrating the event in multiple languages. The client brought in entertainment from Angola that performed somewhere between the third and fifth course of the dinner.

LGI Homes

LGI Homes has had a great year so this Sales Event was a five hour update on the growth spurt the company has had in the last 12 months

Always fun when you have a large "Wheel Spin" to give away exotic prizes to the random selected person in the audience. The fun continued with a after party and great food. Location was La Torrenta Resort and Spa at Lake Conroe. Event produced by Alex Rasmussen of Rasmussen Resource Meeting/Event Mgmt.

Citizens Found

Houston is a very International city so we get to do a wide variety of events with different cultural flavors. The Citizens Foundation raises funds to construct schools in Pakistan. It was a great night of music, auctions, food and video for good cause. This was a great looking event.


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