Every now and then a project comes in that lets us use our creative production talents and merge them with our technical resources. This one for Space Center Houston let us bring Master Yoda to life in HD to instruct the young padawon learners in the way of the Force. They then entered the Laser show arena where Star Wars characters roamed and training by the young Obi Won Kanobe taught them the skills of using a light Saber. Laser effects were created to simulate an attach from the forces of the evil Darth Vader. Yoda then congratulated them on their way out and encouraged them to continue their training and reach for the stars.

This was an in-house project from scripting to design, editing and display to the laser show we created. Thanks to Jedi Vic Mignogna for his Yoda voice. May the Force Be with You!

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Maythe 4
Star Wars
Star WarsWookie
May 4th