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Staging an event requires more than having an inventory of great gear. There is an underlying attitude that understands what is at stake in a live event and that you have one chance to get it right. We have been staging shows now fo 25 years and been on the leading edge of all of the technology trends. Experienced crews and in-house gear helps us deliver great results.

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Lighting Systems

Lighting isn't just about providing white light on a stage, it's about creating an environment that captures your imagination. It is part of the complete show package. To make YOU look good requires a host of different systems and fixtures coupled to powerful DMX controllers.

Also inside are features on Digital Lighting and Lighting for Film & Video Production.

Sound Systems
For us having great audio is the first requirement to a great show and the audio quality is something we're most proud of. We have packaged sound systems designed for great sound with fast setup. We use premium components and loudspeakers from Apogee Sound International. From small rooms to concert sized systems and the latest in line-array and digital technology you'll find great gear and a passion to make You sound good!

Presentation Production

Video and Projection Systems
Video systems have come a long way, mostly due to the continous improvement of cameras, switchers and improved digital tale formats. However the merging technologies of computerized displays and projection technologies has pushed these systems to be multi-format being able to take in a lot of different sources and mix them to specific output resolutions and then distribute them to a lot of different places. We've got the gear and knowledge base to build systems that meet all of these needs.

Laser Light Shows

Even though the laser has been around since the mid 80's in the entertainment fields, it still is a pretty cool to see those beams shoot out of the tube or to see graphics spinning in such radient color. Inside you'll see some photos from some of our work and a brief description of what's available.

LED Plasma & Video Wall Displays
Technology has made displays very flat. We can custom create a display from LED Panels, Plasma or LCD panels or LED Light tubes. Not into square? Then our Dynascan products allow for 360 degree circular displays. We also offer Video wall and Datawall processors and switiching equipment for large wall displays.

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