About Wedding Services

As part of our commitment to this industry, we have put this mini-site together to show-case services for your wedding, reception or special party.



Specialty Lighting

Lighting makes a room into your special place by creating an environment that reflects your imagination. From a palette of many different light fixtures we can transform any space, indoors or out into the color, texture and look you've been dreaming of.

LASER LIGHTS for Wedding Receptions


Monogram Gobos
Project yout Initials onto a dance floor, backdrop, entrance area or wall. We can design and create a custom monogram to your needs, and supply the equipment and know-how to project it.

Wedding Lighting

Project Sample Showcase

Ramon Lighting Houstonian

Chateau Polonez Reception

Jodie's Reception at Settlement House

CirQue Imagination Poolside Party

Omni Hotel Indian Reception

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Video Production Services
Memories last for a moment but a great video of your event can last a lifetime. From High-Definition video to powerful slideshows with 3D realism, we create videos, Powerpoints and multimedia in many formats including DVD and Blu-Ray. We can post it to the Internet, YouTube, even stream it live to those who can't attend. We can provide projection equipment, flat panel screens and operators to make it happen.

ASK ME Commercial

Glass Slipper TV Show

Wedding Dress Fashion Show

Sound Systems
At Stage Directions, having great audio is the first requirement to a memorable event and the audio quality is something we're most proud of. We have packaged sound systems designed for great sound with fast setup. We use premium components and loudspeakers from Apogee Sound International. From small rooms to concert sized systems and the latest in line-array and digital technology you'll find great gear and a passion to make You sound good!