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Elation Beam 575

Ten user-selectable gobos and effects can be installed in two rotating gobo wheels for a wide variety of pattern or logo projections. Options include both standard and custom Lithopatterns®
$ 250  



The Beam is the optimum wash light for powerful color mixing and beam shaping. This fixture offers a full designer’s palette, including virtually unlimited color selection, dimming, strobe and shutter, variable beam-shaping, variable frosting, and precision positioning.
$ 250  

High End Studio Beam

Extremely smooth movement
700 Watt Fixture with beam shaping Smooth CMY color mixing
Variable color temperature correction from 3000K - 7500K

$ 300 studiobeam

High End

Technobeam Iris

Color wheel has 12 replaceable colors, including one CTO
Lithopatterns high-resolution glass gobos
One rotating, indexable gobo wheel with seven gobo positions. Effects wheel with four replaceable effects and one open position Static frost. Manual zoom from 11° to 17°
Variable iris Variable strobe Remote focus
$ 150 high_end_technobeam_renta
Elation Q 12 Zoom LED Fixture $ 125  
Elation LED Fixture $ 75  
High End TrackSpot 8 dichroic colors plus color corrector and white. Bidirectionally select any one of ten filter positions, or 10 bi-color beam effects, or 8 forward and 8 reverse color spin effects. Pan: 170° Tilt: 110°. one ten position gobo wheel configured as standard with 9 gobos plus open position $ 35



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