This was our second trip across the globe for the World Association of Chefs Societies, this time heading to Stavenger, Norway for the three day conference of chefs assembled from 55 countries. The first stage is to build the content for the show creating a master graphic design for the presentations, making all title slides and bumpers, VOG introductions for names in many languages. Then building music playlists for three days worth of breaks, and creating interesting video content to entertain the audience. And of course it has to satisfy a global audience composed of chefs.

Stage two was to coordinate with the venue and equipment suplier for the Congress sessions and the lunch and cooking demo room and tradeshow. Oh yes there was a President's Awards banquet that was moved off site to a local high school. Stage three was to travel 14 hours to Norway then coordinate, direct the setup with the Norwegian crew, do whatever rehearsals that was possible, given the presenters were arriving from around the world. Oh and another part was to coordinate, assemble, organize and upload some 40 presentations and all associated videos for the speakers into the Dropbox account. This was done working with Conference Chair, Charles Carroll in Houston, The WACS President in Iceland, Marketing and graphic designers in Paris and then the team from Norway hosting the events. Finally if you are still reading this, there was directing the talented Stavanger AV team, calling the show without Clear Com and punching the slides. There's a lot more to this story you'll have to ask about. Things turned out great with good times and great food.
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CowTaking a break, I went outside of the venue to visit with a local. Time is 10:00 at night. WacsWe travel all the way to Norway to be treated to a Texas BBQ-Norweigian style complete with $3.00 hats and bandanas. Just go with it, the cooks are having a blast.

EricPhoto break with Eric the Trainer and President Guisser Gudmundssen