The Event Stream - Live Event Streaming

Take your event to the world with The Event Stream from Stage Directions. Now your event can be broadcast to the internet, linked to your social media and shown on your web page, smart phone or mobile device. You can even do a pay per view event. Take your Event from one location to the world. Contact us for more information and rates.


Broadcast your event in HD and watch on your web site or on your own web channel.


Doing an outdoor event where there is no internet access? With today's 4G technologies we can stream from practically anywhere.


Add a live chat to your stream for interaction with your audience.



Stream to your mobile devices or to your desktop, all at the same time while you interact with your fans on Facebook or Twitter.


Or create a pay per view site that clients can register for the eventstream online.


Files are available for delayed viewing right after the stream concludes. We change the screen from "LIVE Broadcast" to "Recorded Earlier".


Files can be created for DVD or Blu-Ray in HD and exported for other interactive formats.


We compliment The Event Stream with full media production and event staging services from our other departments.

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Remote Location Streaming

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